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Excellent Plzen – marketing GEPA fairtrade sugar and mango, Philipines

In order to market GEPA Mascobado fairtrade sugar from the Philippines in the Czech Republic, I went with my team for a partner visit to ATC cooperative in February 2010. I was accompanied by the Dutch expert Floris Kneefel, Czech investment banker based in London Evelyn Bidenko and Czech journalist Katerina Chejlavova.

We aimed to observe how fairtrade principles work for the local sugar producers and to bring these stories to the Czech customers. An important part of our work was agreeing on a marketing strategy in the Czech Republic with the ATC management.

ATC cooperative fair trade sugar, Ms Imelda

Ms Imelda is the face of GEPA Mascobado fairtrade sugar. Meeting her was a great inspiration for us. Though she herself had a very hard life, she is able to provide education for all three children.

ATC sugar production

Observing the production of fairtrade sugar and its packaging.

Preda mango

Second part of our trip was a visit to our partner organization Preda, whose mango products we were marketing in the Czech Republic. From the profit of fair trade mango, Preda finances a home for about 150 boys and girls who had been saved from sexual abuse. It was a strong experience for us to observe their rehabilitation process. We also visited many mango farmers in order to present their stories on the regular fairtrade press conference in Prague.


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